Raelene’s Reading List:

he following are some of the books that have helped me along my path. Some have been around for awhile, but their value is timeless.


The Road Less Traveled (A new psychology of love, traditional values and spiritual growth)
M. Scott Peck, M.D.

The Art of Selfishness (Fill your life with confidence and success)
David Seabury

Learned Optimism (How to change your mind and your life)
Martin Seligman, Ph.D.

The Highly Sensitive Person (How to thrive when the world overwhelms you)
Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.

Soul Without Shame (A guide for liberating yourself from the judge within)
Byron Brown

Emotional Intelligence (The groundbreaking book that redefines what it means to be smart)
Daniel Goleman

Working With Emotional Intelligence (A thoughtfully written, persuasive account explaining emotional intelligence and why it can be crucial to your career)
Daniel Goleman


The Power of Now (A guide to spiritual enlightenment)
Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Intention (Learning to Co-create your world your way)
Dr. Wahne W. Dyer


Keeping the Love you Find - A Personal Guide
Harville Hendrix, PH.D.

Getting the Love you Want - A Guide for Couples
Harville Hendrix, PH.D.

Passionate Marriage (Keeping love and intimacy alive in committed relationships)
David Schnarch, PH.D.

Codependent No More (How to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself)
Melody Beattie

Breaking Free - A recovery workbook for facing codependence
Pia Mellody and Andrea Wells Miller

Men's Issues

Iron John - A book about men
Robert Bly

Season of Life (A football star, a boy, a journey to manhood)
Jeffrey Marx

Understanding Men's Passages (Discovering the New Map of Men's Lives)
Gail Sheehy

The New Male Sexuality (The Truth About Men, Sex, and Pleasure)
Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D.

The Hite Report on Male Sexuality (How Men Feel About Love, Sex, and Relationships)
Shere Hite

Why Men Commit
Susan Curtin Kelley

Raising Cain (Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys)
Dan Kindlon, Ph.D., Michael Thompson, Ph.D.

Real Boys Voices (Boys speak out about drugs, sex, violence, bullying, sports, school, parents and more)
William S. Pollack, Ph.D. with Todd Shuster


Cracked - Putting broken lives together again
Dr. Drew Pinsky