How I work:

I have a warm and empathetic approach with clients, but am able to hold them accountable for their words and actions. I enjoy the process of engaging with my clients, helping them to examine their inner emotional landscape, and discovering strategies with them to disrupt negative patterns, face their personal challenges, and strengthen their relationships.

In working with male clients who have relationship problems, I like to stress emotional intelligence as a strength in improving communication and enhancing intimacy.

Improving self-esteem; becoming more assertive; becoming more independent vs. codependent; striving for abundance and happiness vs. “settling” for marginal jobs or relationships (making excuses) are some of the common themes that have run through my work. I truly enjoy helping people to help themselves and helping empower them to make better choices and strive for personal happiness and healthy lifestyles.

The cost for a session is $120/hour. Payment is accepted via cash or check.